La Dalmaisienne

La Dalmaisienne is a cycling tour from Lyon to Die (France) projected to take place in Summer 2015, in loving memory of Alexandre Dalmais (a.k.a. Papi), our grandfather. Beyond a great ride, La Dalmaisienne is a story: it’s the story of a family that might remind you of yours, and also the story of a beautiful countryside that deserves to be better known. It’s a story that happens here and now, in a globalizing world where technology sometimes isolate us but may also help us reconnect and rediscover our roots. We hope this will inspire you in starting your own ride.


Our grandfather grew up in the town of Die (France) and later moved to the city of Lyon. He would often ride back to Die by bicycle, close to 200km on 1930’s country roads… A quarter century after his passing, can we follow his path?

1938 Papi avec tente et velo


About 180km along the Rhône valley and the Drôme river

Route high level

les 4

We’re the 4 grandchildren of le Papi


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